Bpipe Version

Download: bpipe-


This release includes some bug fixes that could cause confusing behahavior, clearer and better messages in various error scenarios, and a couple of key features such as support for gitlab, setting config parameters from within your pipeline script, setting pipeline parameters from bpipe.config, and others.


  • Fix: a send command encountered during bpipe test would not send the message but would record it as sent so that it would not be sent if the pipeline is then subsequently executed.

  • Fix: various issues with bpipe stats printing bad dates / times

  • you can now run bpipe stats while a pipeline is runnign to get realtime info

  • The bpipe agent now supports a ping command that will respond to confirm the agent is alive (via ActiveMQ).

  • You can now set parameters (variables) from within bpipe.config via a parameters section. This sets variables the same as if you set them via -p name=value when running bpipe.

  • You can now set pipeline limits (memory,concurrency,etc) from a config section within a pipeline script

  • Bpipe now supports gitlab through its send functionality. Issues can be created or updated added with syntax like: send issue(title: ...., assignee: ...) to gitlab