The succeed statement


fail <message>
fail [text {<text>} | html { <html> } | report(<template>)] to <notification channel name>
fail [{<text>} | html { <html> } | report(<template>)](text) to channel:<channel name>, 
                                                           file: <file to attach>

Availability +


Causes the current branch of the pipeline to terminate explicitly with a failure status and a provided message.

In the most simple form, a short message is provided as a string. The longer forms allow a notification or report to be generated as a result of the success.

While using fail as a stand alone construct is possible, the primary use case is to embed it inside the otherwise clause of a check command, which ensures that Bpipe remembers the status and output of the check performed.

Note: see the send command for more information and examples about the variants of this command that send notifications and reports.


Cause an Explicit Failure of the Pipeline

   fail "Sample $ has no variants - processing cannot continue"