The Options statement


  options {
     <option name> <description> [, required:<true|false>] [, args: <integer>]



Parses the specified options from the command line arguments given after the pipeline in the Bpipe command. The actual pipeline then runs on the residual arguments that are not parsed as options.

The option specification uses the format of the Groovy CliBuilder class. The builder is set as a delegate so that the options can be specified directly using the abbreviated syntax, without explicitly referencing the CliBuilder class.

Many extended options can be specified using the full configuration available via CliBuilder or further examples here.

After the options statement has executed, the options are available via an implicit opts variable with properties named after the options.

If a required option is not provided, a usage message with a description of the options will be printed.


Require foo parameter to run the pipeline

options {
    foo 'The foo value to use', args: 1, required: true 
    bar 'The bar value to use', args: 1, required: false

hello = {
   exec """
     echo "The foo value chosen was $"

run { hello }

To run this:

bpipe run test.groovy -foo 1 -bar 2